Harald Beck and Tobias Schumacher started the Modularis project in 2014 with the goal to develope a shoe, individually adapted for you. After many years of developments, with a multitude of prototypes and many innumerable drops of sweat, the brand-new Modularis One was born.


  • Orthopaedic technology master
  • Postural therapist
  • Athletics coach
  • Various further training courses in biomechanics and movement diagnostics
  • Dipl. nutritionist
  • Phytotherapist

Experience | Specialisms
14 years of personal experience in top-class sport.
Over 25 years of experience in orthopaedic technology, therapy and coaching. Significantly involved in the new and further developments of various products in orthopedic technology and sports. Consultant, trainer and therapist for many athletes of different kinds of sport.


  • Biomechanical Human-motion diagnostician
  • Rehabilitation-Trainer

Experience | Specialisms
15 years experience as a competitive athlete and 5 years activate in rehabilitation.
More than 10 years’ active in the footwear industry as inventor & developer of shoe technologies in the orthopaedic sector
Completed approximately 50’000 biomechanical assessments.